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Common MOT Test Fails and How to Avoid Them

New data from the DVSA shows that 50% of all faults found during the MOT test could be avoided by carrying out regular maintenance. Carrying out simple checks at home could help you to pass your MOT test first time and will help to keep you safe on the road. Tyres The DVSA states that [...]

What to Do If You Breakdown

Be Prepared In the best case scenario when breaking down, you would have everything that you need to hand, however, this isn’t always the case. Ease the stress of a potential breakdown by packing these useful items in the boot of your car. Hopefully, you won’t need to use them, but if you did, it [...]

What to Carry in your Car this Summer


The potential dangers of driving in summer are often underestimated or overlooked, but with varying weather conditions and potentially more traffic on the road as people set off on summer getaways, it is important that you are prepared for all the trials and tribulations of summer driving. To keep you safe on the road this [...]

When Do I Need New Tyres?


The condition of your tyres has a huge impact on your vehicle’s performance on the road. Tyres control your braking distances, gripping capabilities and keep you safe in wet conditions so it is important that you look after them properly and know when it is time to replace them. Over time, tyres will need replacing [...]

Wet Weather Driving Advice


Spring weather in the UK is known for being unpredictable and prone to heavy rain. Driving in these conditions can be dangerous if the proper precautions are not taken. Take a look at our wet weather driving and maintenance tips to ensure that you stay safe on the road.   Maintain Good Visibility Driving in [...]

MOT vs Car Servicing

Many car owners falsely believe that car servicing is the same as the MOT test. Whilst not a legal requirement, an annual car service will help to prolong the life of your vehicle, improve your fuel consumption and decrease your risk of a breakdown. What is an MOT Test? An MOT test is an inspection [...]

Pre MOT Test Checks

According to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) 40% of vehicles fail their MOT test first time round and over half of these are due to small faults which could be addressed before taking the vehicle to the test*. Avoid this happening to you by undertaking the following checks before your next MOT test. [...]

Fuel Saving Tips

Putting fuel in your vehicle is a necessary expenditure that can’t be avoided. The expense could, however, be reduced with a few fuel saving tips. Dexel Tyre and Auto Centre explore the ways you could reduce your monthly vehicle fuel bill by making some small changes below: Filling up The price of petrol and diesel [...]

Driving Home This Christmas

Every year during the Christmas period thousands of people across Britain take to the roads to visit family and friends. The increased volume of traffic on the roads, coupled with difficult winter driving conditions at this time of year, can result in many journeys ending in a breakdown, so much so that the number of [...]

Get Your Car Ready For Winter

Don’t wait until the first frost to check that your car is ready to tackle tough winter conditions. It is important to ensure that all vehicle components are running as smoothly as possible before the cold weather hits. Check your Tyres When the ground becomes icy you are susceptible to sliding and you will become [...]