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Driving Home This Christmas

Every year during the Christmas period thousands of people across Britain take to the roads to visit family and friends. The increased volume of traffic on the roads, coupled with difficult winter driving conditions at this time of year, can result in many journeys ending in a breakdown, so much so that the number of breakdowns reported on UK roads significantly increases during winter.
To help keep you safe on the roads this Christmas and to help you to avoid unnecessary breakdowns, Dexel have created a checklist of car checks, which are simple for you to undertake. Simply keep an eye on the following areas and you should arrive safely at your destination during the festive season this year.

Engine Coolant

Over Christmas, roads and motorways frequently become congested and this may result in stop-start traffic. This type of driving can cause your car to overheat so it is recommended that motorists carry at a litre bottle of water, which if necessary, can be used to top up the engine coolant in emergency situations.

Tread Depth

Increase the frequency of your tyre checks and ensure that you undertake them before any long journeys. You should be keeping an eye on your tread depth over winter, as this is what enables your tyres to grip the surface if the road. The legal minimum for tread depth is 1.6mm, however, here at Dexel, we recommend replacing your tyres when tread drops below 3mm, as below this point your tyres will not be able to offer adequate gripping capabilities. If you are worried that your tyres are not up to the task then you should think about replacing them. You can buy new tyres online from Dexel here.

Tyre Pressures

In cold weather the air inside the tyre contracts and molecules move closer together, this results in a reduction in tyre pressure. This means that you should be more vigilant when it comes to keeping an eye on your tyre pressure in winter. If you are carrying extra load whilst travelling, as many will be over the Christmas period, check the recommended tyre pressures to accommodate the additional weight. You will find these outlined in your vehicle handbook, enabling you to adjust your tyre pressures accordingly.


During winter, you will be using your lights, heaters, wipers and demisters more frequently than usual and this puts added strain on your battery. If your battery is over two years old, it’s recommended that you have it checked by a specialist before tough winter conditions set in and potentially cause problems. Visit your local Dexel branch for a free battery check today if you haven’t had your battery looked at recently.

From all the team at Dexel, drive safely this winter and we wish you a Merry Christmas.