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MOT Test vs Car Servicing

Some motorists wrongly confuse a car service as being the same as an MOT test and for that reason they decide against having their car serviced regularly.

Car servicing and the MOT test are different services which perform different functions, and together will keep your vehicle legal, roadworthy and running smoothly.

Find out exactly what is included during the MOT test and a car service with this helpful guide from Dexel Tyre & Auto Centre.

What is an MOT test?

The MOT test is a compulsory test which ensures that vehicles are safe and roadworthy. Once a vehicle reaches three years of age an MOT test must be undertaken every year.

The MOT test checks fundamental requirements, for example; that your tyres have adequate tread depth and have no potentially dangerous damage and that all lights are working.

After the MOT test you will receive either an MOT certificate that states that your vehicle has passed the test or a refusal of an MOT certificate and a list of issues which need to be fixed in order for your vehicle to pass its test.

What is a Car Service?

A car service is a mechanical check of your vehicle which inspects the components of the vehicle that are susceptible to wear. This includes brake pads, the battery and suspension. Car servicing usually involves replacing engine oil and filters, and this process keeps the engine running smoothly.

This inspection will ensure that your vehicle is in good condition and if it is not, specialists will be able to observe damage and undertake repairs before small damage becomes a potentially expensive repair.

Manufacturers usually recommend that vehicles undertake servicing periodically, and you can find this recommendation in your vehicle handbook. Usually, they advise a Silver (or “Full”) Service every 12 months.

Your vehicle, how far you drive, how frequently you drive and your driving style may mean that you require another option when it comes to car servicing. For example, a car used to frequently travel long distances may require a Bronze (or “Interim”) Service as well as an annual service, which is why, here at Dexel, we provide a range of servicing options to suit everyone.

How are they Different?

MOT Test Car Service
Is it a Legal Requirement? Yes, it is illegal to drive a vehicle that does not have a valid MOT certificate. No, but your vehicle warranty may become invalid if you do not service your car as frequently as recommended by the manufacturer.
Does it Affect the Value of my Car? It will not seriously affect the value of your car if you do not have an MOT test, but some buyers may be wary of purchasing a second hand car without a valid MOT. Yes, regular car servicing will preserve the value of your vehicle as it helps to maintain its condition. In addition, a full service history is attractive to future buyers.
How Often Do I Need One? Once your vehicle is three years old, you will need to undertake an MOT test annually. Generally, you should have a Silver Service annually, and high mileage vehicles should also have Bronze Servicing as well.Consult your vehicle handbook for manufacturer recommendations.
How Much Does it Cost? Book an MOT at Dexel for just £35. You can book a car service at Dexel with prices starting from £89.

You can also save by booking an MOT alongside a service at Dexel Tyre & Auto Centre.