Free Brake Check


If you feel something has changed when you brake, they do not seem to work as well as they used to, or perhaps you have started to hear a noise; book a free brake check today.

One of our qualified technicians will assess your vehicles braking system for any issues, making sure everything is working correctly.

Should any issues be identified, these will be explained to you in detail, with a no-obligation quote provided.


All our prices are inclusive of VAT.

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Free Brake Check - Frequently Asked Questions

Brakes are designed to wear out. It is the fractional wear caused by the friction between the two braking surfaces that stops your car quickly and safely when you press your brake pedal.

Besides the friction components, it is also vital to ensure all other parts are operating correctly to allow the free movement of these friction components. It only takes 1 weak link to reduce the effectiveness of the entire chain.

No, none at all.

Should the check result in any necessary repair work to be identified, we will quote for the job, but you are under no obligation to have the work undertaken.

It is, of course, our professional responsibility to make recommendations based on our finding, but the ultimate decision, as always, rests with you.

Our free brake check includes a visual inspection of the following brake components to check for wear, damage and leaks.

  • brake pads/shoes
  • brake discs/drums
  • brake callipers
  • brake hoses
  • brake pipes
  • handbrake linkages
  • brake fluid reservoir level

We will reference your vehicle manufacturers recommended brake fluid renewal internal to see if the brake fluid is due for replacement.

We will always aim to have the inspection completed within 1 hour, and hopefully sooner if you catch us at a quiet time.

We offer a free car brake Check in Sheffield, Lincoln, Worksop, Gainsborough and Market Rasen. For Branch contact details visit our Branch Locator

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