Aircon Recharge

Since 2017, all new vehicles sold in Europe have used a more economical air conditioning gas (refrigerant gas) known as R1234yf. However, some vehicle manufacturers switched to newer gas before 2017.

If your car was manufactured before 2017, it will usually use the older R134A gas, but only inspecting the vehicle can provide certainty.

For a pre-2017 vehicle, unless you know it uses the newer gas, we recommend booking the R134A option. We will then inform you on the day if the newer gas is required.

These services are for your VOLVO Change Vehicle

Air Conditioning Service (R134A)

For older vehicles manufactured up to 2017.

  • R134A Gas For Vehicles Manufactured prior to 2017
  • Bring back Cold Air on warm summer days
  • Improves Fuel Efficiency by reducing strain on the engine

Air Conditioning Service (R1234YF)

For modern vehicles manufactured from 2017 onwards.

  • R1234YF Gas For Vehicles Manufactured from 2017 onwards
  • Brings back the crisp, cool air that should be coming out from your vents
  • Improves Fuel Efficiency by reducing strain on the engine

Air Conditioning Anti-Bacterial Cleanse

  • Removes 99% of bacteria and mould from your air conditioning system.
  • Ensures that the vents and filters are fully cleaned and working efficiently.
  • Removes harmful microbes, allergens and contaminants from you air con system, resulting in fresher, cleaner air.
  • Keeps fuel costs down because your vehicle doesn't have to work as hard to cool the cabin down.

As the name indicates, your car's air conditioning system "conditions" the air entering the vehicle. It provides nice, cool air on a hot summer day and dry, warm or cool air for demisting on a cold, wet winter morning.

For your car's air conditioning system to work effectively, it requires routine maintenance in the form of an air conditioning recharge or air conditioning regas as its sometimes known.

An air conditioning recharge not only refills the refrigerant gas to the manufacturer's recommended level but also replenishes the system's essential lubricating oil, ensuring that the air conditioning compressor and other components are maintained in good working order.

Many vehicle manufacturers recommend that your car's air conditioning system should be recharged every two years. However, as this is not checked on an MOT test or as part of any routine vehicle service schedule, if it hasn't been specifically requested, it will not have been carried out.