Prepare your Car Battery for Winter

Did you know that car batteries are the main cause of breakdowns in winter? Harsh, winter weather conditions and increased usage can be tough on batteries and if your battery is older than three years it may fail on you. Take a look at our helpful advice on preparing your car battery for winter and stay safe on the road.

Have your Battery Checked

If your battery has reached 3 years of age, you should have it checked before winter to make sure that it will not let you down. Book a free battery health check at your local Dexel Tyre & Auto Centre branch for a comprehensive report detailing the condition of your battery and charging system.

You should also book your free battery check if you have noticed any of the following signs:

  • Your ignition struggles to turn over
  • Headlights, indicators and hazards appear dimmer
  • Engine makes a rapid clicking noise

Reduce Use

During cold temperatures and dark evenings, we are more likely to make more use of lights and heaters and this places additional strain on car batteries. This increased usage makes batteries more susceptible to draining, and so we would advise reducing your use of electrical items. When the engine is no longer running you should switch off your heaters, lights, wipers and the radio. In addition, you can turn your heating down or off when driving whenever you can.

Keep it Moving

Over the festive period, vehicles are often left standing for longer periods of time, allowing the battery to drain. If you can, exercise your battery with a long drive to keep the battery healthy. Try to avoid taking short journeys in your vehicle, as a shorter drive will not enable your battery to fully re-charge.

Park Sensibly

If you have the facility, you should park your vehicle in a garage during winter. Cold temperatures can reduce the battery's ability to hold charge, and leaving your vehicle standing on the drive will make the battery colder.

Never ignore problems with your car battery. If you have any concerns that your car battery will not survive this winter, make an appointment at your local Dexel Tyre & Auto Centre for a free battery check.