Book a free Battery check

The battery is the source of all power in your vehicle and anyone who has ever had to jump start their car will tell you how important a fully functioning battery is.

That's why looking after your battery is a vital part of vehicle maintenance. Car batteries have an average lifespan of approximately three to four years, so when it is nearing this age, or you notice any signs, as listed below, that your battery may be diminishing, you should have it checked by a specialist.

Signs that your battery needs replacing

  • Ignition struggling to turn over
  • Headlights, indicator and hazards appear dimmer
  • Engine makes a rapid clicking noise

Our comprehensive battery check includes a printed report detailing the condition of your battery and charging system.

If we find that your battery needs to be replaced, we stock a wide range of batteries with various warranties and sizes so you will be able to find one to suit your vehicle and budget.