Battery Checkup FAQs

Can you check if my car battery is working properly?

Yes, we offer a free battery check at all our branches.

Using a dedicated battery analysis tool, we will be able to report on the condition of your battery and charging system to report any faults.

You can book your free battery check online or call your local branch if you would prefer.

While climate, driving habits, and vehicle maintenance all affect a car battery's lifespan, generally speaking, a car battery will last between three and five years.

A cold start is the biggest test for a car battery since the cold depletes battery power.

If your car isn’t starting easily on a cold winter morning, it’s time to replace your battery. The good news, however, is that it’s a fairly simple fix, and once your new battery has been installed, you will have no issues again for many years.

If you need your battery replaced, call your local branch to get a quotation and arrange an appointment.

Yes, in with the cost of a battery replacement, is the disposal of your old battery. Car batteries fall under the Hazardous waste classification and so, by law, cannot be disposed of in regular household waste.

We employ an accredited specialist waste collector for our car batteries that process the batteries to separate the hazardous from recyclable elements, meaning a greener, less polluting outcome overall.