Book a free exhaust check

The check is completely free and will help diagnose any possible issues, which most of the time is nothing serious and a quick fix.

Exhaust systems or more complex than they used to be, and so the problems and symptoms are more varied.

The onset of an unusual noise is usually the first indication that something is not right with your exhaust system. Typically, these new noises are described as a chugging, rattling, hissing or deep rumbling sounds, all of which indicate slightly different potential issues.

Reduced engine performance, increased fuel consumption or increased exhaust smoke are also signs of possible exhaust system issues but will usually require a more in-depth investigation beyond our free inspection to fully diagnose. Still, it's always worth booking a free exhaust check as a starting point.

All of our branches employ highly trained vehicle technicians who will perform a full visual inspection of your exhaust system. They will look for signs of escaping exhaust gases, corrosion and failed component connections as well as inspecting the exhaust brackets and rubber mounts.

Any information you can provide about what you have heard or seen will be invaluable in helping to pin-point the issue, so please discuss your observation with a member of the branch management team, when you arrive for your appointment.