Extra Load Tyres

Extra load tyres are specially designed with a reinforced construction capable of carrying heavier loads compared to standard tyres.

However, the extra-load capability refers to the weight of the vehicle itself being heavier, such as a larger family saloon or SUV, not that the tyre is designed for vehicles that carry heavy loads, such as a van.

Look for this icon when buying tyres to show which ones are extra load tyres.

Despite being specifically designed for carrying heavy loads, vans and other commercial vehicles do not use XL tyres. Instead, they have specific van tyres denoted by the letter C as part of the size on the tyre sidewall.

Extra-load tyres are denoted by the letters XL towards the end of the tyre's size on the tyre's sidewall.

For example, in the tyre size 205/55R16, with a speed rating of V, the size of the standard tyre would read "205/55R16 91V", with the 91 being the actual load rating, showing it is designed to carry 615kg.

In contrast, the extra-load tyre would read "205/55R16 95V XL", clearly displaying the XL, and with the 95 load rating, showing it is designed to carry 690kg.

When selecting tyres for a vehicle, you must continue to fit extra load tyres if your car had them fitted from the factory as original equipment (OE). Remember, it is not about whether you regularly carry extra load or weight in the vehicle, but that the car weighs more and requires extra-load tyres.

In contrast, if your car did not have extra load tyres fitted from the factory as original equipment, you can still fit extra load tyres as they exceed the load/weight carrying capability needed for your car. However, the ride comfort may be a little stiffer than with the standard load tyres.