Service Booking FAQs

Can you service my Electric Vehicle?

Yes, we can service your Electric Vehicle (EV).

All of our Service Centres employ EV-trained Technicians who have undertaken additional training to be IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) qualified to service and repair electric and Hybrid Vehicles.

As electric vehicles do not have an internal combustion engine, there are also fewer items that need replacing as standard. As such, you will find the EV servicing to be low cost compared to petrol and diesel vehicles.

Yes, we certainly can.

All of our Service Centres employ Technicians qualified by the IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) to maintain and repair Hybrid and Electric vehicles.

Hybrid vehicle servicing requires the same components to be replaced and renewed as a standard petrol or diesel vehicle, as they still have an engine. However, due to the High voltage system on Hybrid Vehicles, there are additional safety checks that need to be undertaken and items with renewal schedules to be tested, meaning Hybrid Vehicle Servicing comes at a small premium.

At present, we do not update digital service records as standard, as the requirements for each vehicle manufacturer are different, sometimes chargeable and changing all the time.

We are working towards being able to offer this for all of our customers. However, at present, should this be something you require, you must speak with the servicing branch directly.

There may be a small additional charge for this service, where available.

Our in-house Bronze, Silver and Gold Services have been developed to replicate but usually exceed a typical service schedule found across common vehicle manufacturers.

The type of service we would recommend is dependent primarily on the vehicle’s annual mileage and previous service history.

If you have recently purchased a second-hand vehicle and are unsure of its service history, we would recommend you start off with a Gold service, just to be certain that all the key areas have been checked off and serviceable items renewed.

For ongoing Servicing, our recommendation would be for customers to alternate between Silver and Gold year-on-year, or for particularly low mileage vehicles, alternating between Bronze and Gold should be sufficient.

However, if you’re comfortable with the price of our Gold Service, then you won’t find a more comprehensive Service anywhere else, so can be certain that your vehicle will remain in top condition if you opt for this each year.

For particularly high mileage vehicles, it is also recommended that you have a Bronze Service in between your usual annual Services to ensure your engine stays in good condition.

We always ask that you bring your car in first thing in the morning and allow us to have it for the full day.

Very often, you will get a call much earlier in the day to say your vehicle is ready to collect. However, should any faults or worn items be uncovered while Servicing the Vehicle, allowing for a full-day appointment usually provides enough time to repair them on the same day.

If your vehicle is still within the manufacturer’s original warranty, please inform us of this fact when booking your Service.

Usually, this will be no problem whatsoever since we use high-quality parts that are certified to be equal in quality to the original parts fitted, meaning your warranty is protected by EU and UK law.

However, in rare occurrences, original quality matched parts may not be available, meaning to maintain the warranty, we may have to purchase a manufacturer part. Should this be the case, there will be an additional amount to pay for the increased cost of these parts, but we will always inform you of this before proceeding.

Each of our in-house Servicing includes the stamping of your Service book.

However, over privacy concerns, we ask our Technicians not to search for the vehicle Service book. Instead, we ask that you leave your Service book on your passenger seat when you drop the vehicle off with us in the morning.

Once you’re your Service is complete and the book stamped, we will then leave it back on your Passenger seat for you.