Terms And Conditions

1. This website is an invitation to treat, and nothing on this website shall be construed as a unilateral offer by Dexel Tyre Company Ltd to enter into any contractual obligations.

2. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that any tyres purchased are suitable for the customer's vehicle and intended use. Dexel Tyre Company Ltd cannot be considered liable for any recommendation made by any third party, or external source of information.

3. The customer's offer to purchase goods will not be deemed accepted unless and until the order confirmation has been issued.

4. The order confirmation sets out the basis upon which Dexel Tyre Company Ltd agrees to accept an order. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the order confirmation corresponds with the customers own expectations. Any discrepancy should be reported immediately to Dexel Tyre Company Ltd.

5. Payment must be received within fourteen days of order, and in any event before goods are fitted. Title to goods remains with Dexel Tyre Company Ltd until paid for in full. Responsibility for goods passes on fitting.

6. In the event that Dexel Tyre Company Ltd is unable to fulfil the order, it will be entitled to cancel the order. In such instances any liability will be limited to refunding the customer for all payments received.

7. Goods will be delivered to the fitting station selected by the customer.

8. Dexel Tyre Company Ltd shall not be considered liable in respect of any defect arising from fair wear and tear, wilful damage, negligence or abnormal working conditions (including wheel alignment use).

9. The parties agree that, in the unlikely event of any defect arising in the tyres, the tyres will be submitted for adjudication by the manufacturer as to the cause of failure and their decision will be final.

10. Where the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 apply, the customer may cancel the contract within seven days of the goods being delivered and receive a full refund, provided that the goods have not been used, and are in the same condition as when supplied. In such instances it is the customer's responsibility to pay for and arrange for the return of the goods, and to keep Dexel Tyre Company Ltd indemnified against all such costs.

11. In all other circumstances, cancellation will only be accepted at the discretion of Dexel Tyre Company Ltd, and subject to payment of all reasonably resulting costs and/or losses.

12. Fitting dates are provided for guidance only, and cannot be guaranteed. Dexel Tyre Company Ltd cannot be held liable for any delay in fitting. Customers are advised to check directly with their chosen fitting centre.

13. Dexel Tyre Company Ltd does not accept any responsibility for locking wheel nut keys. It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure that they have any such keys before leaving the fitting centre.

14. The price shown for purchase or reservation of tyres is inclusive of the price of the tyre, fitting, a new standard tubeless valve, balancing of the wheel, disposal of the old tyre and VAT.

15. The servicing or replacement of TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) valves is not included in the standard pricing of any tyres listed or advertised by Dexel Tyre Company Ltd. The servicing or replacement of a TPMS valves is chargeable when replacing a tyre on vehicles fitted with TPMS regardless of whether the servicing or replacement has been pre-selected or pre-ordered. Dexel Tyre Company Ltd will not replace TPMS valves with standard tubeless valves.

16. All listed and advertised vehicle servicing prices are inclusive of the use of semi synthetic engine oil only. The use of fully synthetic or long life engine oil for requiring vehicles is chargeable regardless of whether the specific use of fully synthetic or long life engine oil has been pre-selected or pre-ordered. Dexel will only ever use the engine oil specified in manufacturer data when servicing vehicles.

17. The default pricing shown is for Class 4 (IV) vehicles only. Class 5 (V) and Class 7 (VII) are charged at a higher rate. If pre-booking and paying for an MOT in advance, it is the customers responsibility to select the correct MOT class for their vehicle.

18. Any purchase or reservation made shall constitute the customer's acceptance of these terms and conditions.

19. These terms and conditions govern the entire contract between Dexel Tyre Company Ltd and the customer. All other rights are excluded to the maximum extent permitted by law.

20. Should any of these terms and conditions be held to be unenforceable in whole, or in part, then the remainder will remain valid.

21. This contract is governed by the prevailing law in England & Wales.