Choose & Book a Wheel Alignment Service

Wheel alignment refers to the angle of your vehicle's wheels and tyres compared to the manufacturer's specifications.

Driving over potholes, speed bumps and up and down kerbs can all result in wheel alignment issues. Once out of alignment, your vehicle's handling, fuel consumption, and tyre wear will all be affected.

If your vehicle is pulling to one side or you have noticed your tyres are wearing on the edges, these are tell-tale signs of a wheel alignment issue. However, once these signs are noticeable, unfortunately, some unnecessary wear, and therefore cost, has already occurred.

If caught early, wheel alignment can be corrected before it starts costing money in fuel and unnecessary tyre wear. So, be sure to have your wheel alignment checked regularly.

Our free wheel alignment check involves placing specialised equipment on each of your vehicle's four wheels to measure the relative alignment to one another.

Using either Lasers, Radio Waves, or 3D Imaging Cameras, each wheel will be measured to fractional millimetres and compared to the manufacturer's specification to ensure accuracy.

Should any issues be identified, these will be explained in detail, with a no-obligation quote provided.