Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment can result in uneven tyre tread

Do the tyres on your car look like this?

If so, your wheels could be incorrectly aligned and you will need to get them checked. In its simplest terms, wheel alignment is the direction in which your tyres point, however, the consequences of misalignment are not so simple.

Tyres with incorrect wheel alignment are likely to suffer from uneven tread wear, as the image shows. This is a common side effect which has a hugely detrimental impact upon the life and safety of your tyres. If you find that your tread is wearing in this manner, you may need your wheels to be realigned. Other symptoms to watch for include:

It doesn’t necessarily take a large impact for your wheel alignment to be affected. Minor driving occurrences can cause your wheels to be misaligned. Driving over potholes, hitting a kerb or even debris in the road can lead to misaligned tyres. You should always have your wheel alignment checked when you have new tyres fitted or undergo suspension repair work, as this can also affect your wheels.

Having the wheels on your car correctly aligned is vital.

Correct wheel alignment makes your driving experience as safe as possible and having it checked whenever you think there may be a problem can save you money and fuel in the long run.

Here are the benefits of correctly aligned wheels:

Dexel recommends that you have your wheel alignment checked whenever you have new tyres fitted. This will ensure that newly purchased tyres achieve their optimum mileage and will help you to maximise your investment.

We offer a free wheel alignment check to all customers who purchase tyres.

Add a free wheel alignment check to your basket with any purchase or head down to your local Dexel branch to receive a free wheel alignment check for your vehicle. To find out where your nearest Dexel branch is situated use our branch locator.

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