Vehicle Servicing

Why have your car serviced?

Regular car servicing is vital when it comes to maintaining the long term health of your vehicle.

This is because when carrying out a vehicle service we will check that the main mechanical components are in good working order and have not suffered from corrosion or other wear.

Car servicing is different from the MOT test, which checks that your vehicle is legally roadworthy. You must have an MOT test every 12 months by law if your vehicle is over three years. You can book an MOT test or a combined service and MOT at Dexel Tyre & Auto Centre now.

Unlike the MOT test, car servicing is not a legal requirement but if you do not have your car serviced, the health of your vehicle will go unchecked and unrepaired, potentially putting you at risk from unexpected break downs and large, avoidable repair bills. It could also help bolster the resale value of your vehicle if it is sold with a service history.

How often do I need my car serviced?

As a general rule, you should have your car serviced every 12 months, or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. Here at Dexel Tyre & Auto Centre, however, we realise that each vehicle has different requirements, which is why we offer a range of car servicing options.

Car servicing options at Dexel Tyre & Auto Centre

Take a look at the levels of car servicing we provide and simply book your chosen car service online.

Bronze Service

A Bronze Service is a shorter service which is ideal to ensure that your vehicle is healthy and performing effectively in between Silver or Gold Services. This option is perfect for higher mileage vehicles and Dexel Tyre & Auto Centre would recommend undertaking one every 6 months or 6,000 miles.

Our 20 point Bronze Service includes checks to the exterior of your vehicle, tyres and battery as well as refilling the engine oil and replacing the oil filter.

Silver Service

A Silver Service is a full service that we would recommend your vehicle has at least once a year, or every 12,000 miles. The Silver Service will provide all the essential maintenance that your vehicle requires.

Our 39 point Silver Service includes detailed visual checks to all the vehicle’s main areas. Our trained specialists will also change your oil, oil filter and air filter, as well as ensuring all your vehicle’s essential fluids are at the correct level.

Gold Service

Our Gold Service is the most comprehensive servicing option that we provide and this will give you full peace of mind that your vehicle is performing to its full potential. A Gold Service should be undertaken between 12 and 24 months or every 24,000 miles, when used in conjunction with a Bronze Service.

Our Gold Service consists of 47 points which involve a thorough inspection of all vehicle components. This includes a full strip down and cleaning of the vehicle’s brakes to ensure optimal braking efficiency, as well as replacing all the vehicle engine filters and ensuring the gearbox and differential oil levels are at specification.

You can book a Bronze, Silver or Gold Service online.

Oil & Filter Change

We also offer a basic Oil & Filter Change Service for those who like to keep their engine oil fresh between services. Different manufacturers have different requirements when it comes to having an Oil & Filter Change, so make sure you consult your vehicle handbook and comply with the manufacturer specification.

Contact your local branch to book this service.

Manufacturer Service

Dexel Tyre & Auto Centre also offer a service which will maintain your manufacturer’s warranty without the cost associated with visiting your main dealer. During this service, our highly trained specialists will use only manufacturer approved parts and comply with your warranty and follow the service steps set out by each specific vehicle manufacturer.

Contact your local branch to book this service.

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Alternatively, you could save more by booking your MOT and car service together.

Find out what the benefits of regular car servicing are and how a car service differs to the MOT test here.

Car Servicing is available at the following branches:

Lincoln (City Centre)

Lincoln (Tritton Road)


Market Rasen


Attercliffe (Sheffield)

One Stop Motorist Centre (Sheffield)

Mr Exhaust & Tyres (Sheffield)

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