Your braking system is ultimately your vehicle’s safety system so it is important that it works effectively. Over time, much like tyres, your brakes will be subject to general wear and tear and this makes them less effective.

The braking system

When you press down on your brake pedal, hydraulic pressure is forced in to the master cylinder of the braking system. This pressure is then transmitted through hoses and cylinders which make up the braking system, multiplying the force. This leads to the brake pads being pushed against the rotors on the disc brake and the friction helps to slow you down and bring you to a safe stop.

How to tell if your brakes need attention

The following signs mean that your brakes may be wearing:

If you do notice any of these signs or a drop in brake performance or any other irregularities when braking, you must have your brakes looked at by a specialist as soon as possible.

Common brake problems

The signs listed above indicate that there could be a problem with your vehicle’s brakes and they may require repair or replacement. Potential problems with your brakes could be:

General wear and tear – which reduces braking effectiveness and usually means that you need to have your brake pads and discs replaced.

Brake fluid needs replacing – this needs to be replaced every two years and is easily corrected although this could also indicate a brake fluid leak which will need specialist attention. If your brakes have become soft and spongy it is likely that this is the cause.

Distortion – brake discs can become out of shape and distorted over time and this is especially common on older brakes.

Faults – general faults can occur with any component on the braking system and these could be one of a range of issues such as warped callipers, faulty sensors and corrosion.

The diagnosis of any brake problem is virtually impossible to do without a visual inspection. For this reason, Dexel Tyre & Auto Centre always recommends that you bring your vehicle in for a free check, to ensure that we will only quote for and replace exactly what you need.

Visit Dexel for a free no obligation brake check

If you suspect problems with your brakes or have noticed any of the symptoms listed above, visit your local Dexel Tyre & Auto Centre for a free brake check.

At Dexel Tyre & Auto Centre we work on all different types of braking systems and can cope with a wide range of faults including warped discs, worn pads, seized callipers or faulty sensors amongst more, so our trained technicians have got your brake problems covered.

Alternatively, if you require a quote for a specific brake component fitting please contact us.

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