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MOT Test vs Car Servicing

Some motorists wrongly confuse a car service as being the same as an MOT test and for that reason they decide against having their car serviced regularly. Car servicing and the MOT test are different services which perform different functions, and together will keep your vehicle legal, roadworthy and running smoothly. Find out exactly what [...]

What is a British Standard Tyre Puncture Repair?

BSAU159 tyre repair step 11

There are various methods of repairing a punctured tyre, with numerous accompanying products to enable those repairs. By far the three most common tyre puncture repair methods are; An external repair using tyre string An internal repair using a repair patch An internal repair using a combination repair patch and plug. However, only a tyre repair [...]

The RIGHT and WRONG way to repair a punctured tyre.


The right way to repair a tyre puncture Waking up to find your car has a flat tyre is never good, especially if you have got the commute to work to contend with or a family road trip planned. While almost any small object left on the road can cause a tyre puncture, sharp objects [...]

Preparing to Drive Abroad


Driving in foreign countries can be a daunting experience, as there will be different traffic laws to contend with compared to the UK. Make sure you are prepared for the challenges of driving before you get away with this helpful checklist from Dexel Tyre & Auto Centre. Drive on the Right Side of the Road [...]

Do I Need High Performance Tyres?


Choosing the right tyres to suit your driving needs, your vehicle and the areas you tend to drive in can seem a daunting task. There are a wide variety of different tyres, all of which are designed for a specific purpose and because of this, different types of tyres have different advantages and disadvantages. Many [...]

Driving Distractions


Driving requires your full concentration in order to keep you and your passengers safe. Looking away, even only for a moment, could cause an accident as you could miss something on the road or even veer to the side. Being distracted when driving is extremely dangerous and is taken very seriously by the police. As an [...]

Common Brake Problems

You rely on your car brakes to keep you safe on the road, so it is vital that they are working effectively. Over time, much like your tyres, components of your brakes will wear and need to be replaced so that they continue to work effectively. How Do Brakes Wear? Your vehicle’s braking system is [...]

Spot Problems with Your Exhaust!

The exhaust system is one of the largest components in your vehicle stretching from the engine to the tail of your vehicle – although the pipe is the only part that you can usually see! The exhaust has an important function in your vehicle as it reduces harmful engine fumes and directs them away from [...]

Prepare your Car Battery for Winter

Did you know that car batteries are the main cause of breakdowns in winter? Harsh, winter weather conditions and increased usage can be tough on batteries and if your battery is older than three years it may fail on you. Take a look at our helpful advice on preparing your car battery for winter and [...]

Stay Safe This Tyre Safety Month


Every October, TyreSafe run a ‘Tyre Safety Month’ campaign designed to keep you safe on the road. The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness of the importance of tyre safety and to encourage motorists to regularly check their tyres to ensure they meet legal requirements. Legal Minimum Tread Depth Tyre tread is the [...]